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Anna Lee- “Untitled”. solo acoustic album. Tracked and mixed at On Fire

A/V credits to:  Shiloh Studios




Star Spangled KGB (SSKGB)- “Stargazer”, Rock & roll. Tracked and mixed at On Fire, mastered at Gallery Of Carpet


“Siren” Cover Art Credits: Haakon Kioski


Video Credits: Ryan Ohm


Video Credits: Mike Regan


Video Credits: SSKGB

Scarabeus- The Victor, Pearl, Peaches. Tracked and mixed at On Fire, all albums aside from “Peaches”, Mastered by Gallery Of Carpet





Video Credits: On Fire




Elipse- “Sleepless” and “Untitled” E.P. Tracked, mixed, and mastered at On Fire





Pisces At The Animal Fair (PATAF)- Unreleased demo, On Fire work re-mastered and put into full length album, “Giraffe Conversations”




Orange Hat Jenkins (OHJ)- “Untitled”, full band demo. Tracked, mixed and mastered at On Fire






Leanna Strecker-“Radio Galaxy”, solo album. Produced and composed by On Fire. Artwork by Grant Hehr




Good Wives- “Untitled” demo, unreleased

Good W





Jack Sasso- “Untitled” demo, unreleased aside from Fool Grown

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 11.29.13 AM




Dave Hubbell- “Wave walker”, “Untitled” demo




Sam Clancy- “The Mental Instrumental”, unreleased, no artwork




Rommell Johnson- “Woah”, tracking, mixing, mastering




Balacke Music- “Playa-Playa”, and “Grimmery”, remasters

Pete Clancy- “Riverside”, unreleased, no artwork

Nick Jirsa- “Untitled”, unreleased demo

Lions of Spring- unreleased acoustic demo


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