The Quiltablanca

The Mask That Wouldn’t Come Off

She came to him every evening and morning. She said he never really changed, day to day he was the same guy she first met. Watching the same old programs and humming the same old songs. Every morning when his t.v. was blaring A purgatory programming He’d say to her, “The day I met you, […]

Wet Socks pt. 1 : Still Freezing Our Asses Off

Wet Socks pt. 1 : Still Freezing Our Asses Off Hello folks of the internet. I’d like to say I’m Sorry for the Quiltablanca’s winter hiatus. Due to excessive drinking, coldness, On Fire, and mid-winter disco dancing, The Quiltablanca has fallen to the holiday wayside. We still exist however, and we want to bring some […]