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What We Are

On Fire spawned from my parent’s basement around 2006. It all started with a Presonus Firestudio Mixer I had acquired from a former band member and Blue’s stock “Ball” line(now discontinued). With that, logic, and a new iMac, I officially began what would form into On Fire production studio. Over the years I derived methods and connections through work with renown local Sound Engineers (i.e. Brian Zieske, Bernie mack, Brian Buckley, Samir Chabra). The Second-hand experience I gained over time was invaluable to the current structure and strength of On Fire’s productions and design. Over time, word of On Fire spread and impromptu production teams formed every day. Many local musicians helped in the production of existing On Fire projects (Sam Clancy, David Hubbell, John Tuzak, Alex Horning) and some are still on the roster for future projects.

I started taking up the mantle on video production as well over the summer of 2013. The first official On Fire music/live video productions planned will incorporate members of SSKGB, Live/Music Video work for The Symposium, and Music Video work for The Sketchtistics, as well as some stop motion advertisements via Vine and Instagram video. Short-fiction comedy/horror films planned as well as some involvement in top “secret” projects that will be unveiled at a later date. Expect releases daily to weekly, it depends on the volume of work.

No matter what you might need, On Fire has the expertise and skill to make your production/performance/art exactly what you’d dream it to be, no more then it needs to be, no less then what needs to be heard and seen,

I hope to carry this experience and expertise into your work soon.

Screen Shot 2013-09-27 at 6.12.23 PM

Grant Paul Hehr


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