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How Social Media Kills The Industry

Starting back in the late 90’s and possibly before for some gifted cultures, this invention we now call social media brought many hidden talents and aspects out from the dark corners of the universe. But did it really bring it out? Look at modern talent exposure, what defines good art? Why are investors so damn picky, when they really don’t care what they throw their money at anyways? Why are people finding more reasons to disregard entertainment, rather than another reason to spin that vinyl, not change the channel, turn the page.

I believe it’s because this supposed blessing of social media has killed the fabric of the entertainment society. Why do I believe this? Because some people are likely to find their favorite song from a Facebook feed or a twitter update. Does that truly mean they have taste, or that they just want a social media site to dress them up like they are something they are not. This is wherein lies the problem, do you really know if your favorite band or company actually exists? How do you know that they don’t sit around with paid writers/entertainers weekly guiding their artistic message? Where do you think those 200+ likes come from in less than an hour from multiple accounts w/ repeat digitally-altered pictures(possibly pulling multiple facets of people(both deceased and alive) to make a composite of a person? Do you know if your favorite band/company is doing it for you for you, or an audience of clicks?

These are all important factors before you go in subjecting yourself to the intended message and art. Nowadays people will use every string to make more puppets, it’s a good thing to keep in mind that people’s internet presence should not be indicative of their physical presence as the two do not actually coincide in any way. No matter what way you look at it, an ego bolstered by a nonexistent audience is just the same as a person being off’d by themselves


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