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I haven’t had that many true friends in my life,

I can count the ones I can actually rely on within one hand.

When it came to hard times when I was growing up,

I only had one thing that was always there for me.

No matter how fucked up the rest of the world thought I was

I was always happy to come home

to the wagging tail and glowing eyes of Maxx.

When I would sit late at night working on mixes,

he’d come sit with me in the basement,

always watching me with curiosity.

It’s really an important thing to have this in life,

and to remember what it means,

to care about something and have it care for you back

regardless of what time you came home

or what you did that night.

I can’t describe the hard times that I was helped through

just by a more assuring presence then my own.

I just can’t believe life happens this quickly.

I’ll miss you Maxx

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 3.15.42 PM

Thanks to the clientele, friends, and family who let Maxx leave his presence in their hearts and mixes.

He’s always somewhere in the tracks


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