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I haven’t had that many true friends in my life, I can count the ones I can actually rely on within one hand. When it came to hard times when I was growing up, I only had one thing that was always there for me. No matter how fucked up the rest of the world […]

“August (The Sun Shines The Brightest On The Cloudiest Days)” by Allen Haag

Recorded, mixed, and mastered at On Fire Circa August 2014

“Empty”, by Allen Haag(On Fire Re-master)


The Evangelist

It all started late one night in the ninth inning. It was a normal suburban summer night. The smell of barbecue stained the streets well kids played about. Throughout the whole neighborhood, You could hear my roommate Roy yelling about the game. Boy he’d get heated during these games, he’d sit in the shed drinking […]

August(Sun Shines The Brightest On The Cloudiest Days)

Performed/Composed by Allen Haag. Recorded by Grant Hehr at On Fire Studios 05-13-14