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12 of the Best Turn-around Scenes in Movies

12. Matrix Revolutions, “Bane/Smith vs. Neo”

In the Matrix Trilogy, this scene shows the final bridging of reality and the matrix, wherein Smith transcends the Matrix. Despite Neo’s injuries, he still finds the capability to hold him off. I think that this scene is more climatic then the return of the machines in the movie, because it shows the true ending which is that Smith/Anderson can now influence the reality outside the Matrix, which given Neo’s condition, meant a lot of characters/universes were going to die in one movie


11. Kill Bill Volume 2, “Out Of The Grave”

I really like the use of claustrophobia and parallels within these particular scenes. I particularly like the shot of her ascending from the grave with the falling roots and dirt, it’s surreal and strange looking, but it works with the score and moment. The following scene where she finds and deals with Micheal Madsen’s character who put her there is priceless as well


10. Jaws, “Killing The Shark”

Watching Jaws now, I still notice new little tweaks in the film’s use of cinematic score to dramatify the lack of effects/technology. This scoring is apparent in this turn-around scene, and it definitely expresses the turn-around that’s happening within the movie. It’s strange how this to imagine how this scene(and most scenes in Jaws) would be without the omniscient score playing in the background. I put this at number ten, because if you(or anyone) watched the movie to this point, there’s no way you wouldn’t want that piece of rubber and metal to KO


9. The Godfather, “Sollozzo & McCluskey”

From the beginning of this movie to end is cinematic gold. If you don’t understand what this scene means, watch the movie for yourself


8. Beneath The Planet of The Apes, “It’s Doomsday”

The Classic Charleton Heston Planet of the Apes have some great turn around scenes in general. I’d say this on is my favorite, because those egg-headed freaks had it coming. If there was a moral, it’d probably be that if you worship a bomb every day and sooner or later it’s going to blow up. Good stuff


7. The Life Aquatic, “Crazy Eyes”

This scene is absolutely priceless. Everything about it is executed perfectly, there is no better return to the crazy eyes. The tension executed in the cinematography/directing before he takes the blind fold off and up to the score is spot on. A perfect example of the type of moments Wes Anderson films can easily capture


6. Bronson, “Bronson Wants Some Music”

In the movie Bronson, I’d say this part of the movie marks as the turn-around, because knowing that he could of easily killed or damaged the therapist, the authorities sit by answering to his demands. In a weird way it shows the strange contrast sometimes made in authoritarian systems, where the captor can become as bad as the beast in some ways


5. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, “I Am Your Father”

This truly marks the turn-around within the original Star Wars trilogy, where Darth Vader, after chopping Luke Skywalker’s hand off, confirms that he is really his father. This shows that Luke’s origin is questionable even to himself, and really throws a hatchet to any preconceived notions about his origins. I believe that his transition to the dark-side starts because of this, it’s one of the crucial moments that really makes the character break from one perspective to another


4. Clockwork Orange, “Alex & His Droogs”

Stanley Kubrick’s, “A Clockwork Orange”, is still an unbelievable masterpiece of strange proportions. I believe this scene serves as the turn-around in the movie, because it shows where Alex breaks to his own friends(droogs), and foreshadows coming changes in power amongst his droogs. If you like the movie, definitely give the book a read, but a forewarning, it’s in Ruffian


3. The Dark Night Rises, “Bane Breaks Batman”

“The Dark Knight Rises”, really marks the turn around within Batman and Bane’s characters. Bane’s hatred and animosity for things around him counter Batman’s need to save the world and help people, so the whole movie was really building to these moments. This fight/dialogue perfectly illustrate the differences between the two, and why when on a level playing field, Bane would inevitably break the Bat. It was always the gadgets that got Bruce Wayne by. What is Batman without his toys? Just an over-glorified playboy, which is why he should of died, as he does in the comics


2. V For Vendetta, “Ideas are Bullet-proof”

V For Vendetta is loaded with awesome cinematic moments, but nothing tops what they all build to, which is this final fight scene. It shows the true beast that the authorities had made the main character into, and by the end of the movie, he has no fear left for the protagonists to feed on. I believe V For Vendetta was highly under-rated and misinterpreted. It’s a highly accessible movie, check it out if you think it interests you


1. Scarface, “Say Hello To My Little Friend”

The scene speaks for itself


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