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I didn’t know

When I was in elementary/middle/high school I used to draw a lot. It tuned the teacher out, and put me in my own reality. I would draw pictures of simple shapes expanding into full landscapes with multiple scenes going on. Some drawings were political, religious, characters, etc. etc. But overall, when I look at these drawings now, they mean freedom to me. Something I still really don’t understand. I had troubleĀ sleeping last night, and I found myself wondering if this supposed freedom had trapped me. I miss having the wonder of what things each day will bring, and not having the benefit of a doubt of a constant schedule. Maybe I didn’t grow up. Maybe I didn’t know. Maybe I didn’t want to be the guy cutting the same damn grass everyday in a place alike to purgatory. I miss seeing things that inspire me, people that inspire me. That is the fruit of life. Not the foolish things I see through a digital window to the world. But too often this digital window is becoming alike to reality, I have really started to wonder if a lot of people actually think for themselves or others. I feel like people need to remember that tangibility can be the root of connection or deception, it depends on how it’s employed. I am a firm believer that the cream always rises to the top, but before this point I didn’t know what that really meant


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