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The Ed Wood Effect

Sometimes it’s hard to grasp a concept. Sometimes the tools won’t present themselves, or the outliers are being lazy. With so many things becoming prevalent nowadays, it’s hard to see what isn’t presentable. What makes a work of art bad? Is the term “bad” even representative of what it means anymore? Is bad really good? It’s all debatable and I want to highlight the case of Ed Wood to prove my point.


Ed Wood is known as the world’s worst director/movie producer by record of his work with “Plan 9 From Outer Space” and various other productions. There was a recent film based on his life, “Ed Wood (‘94)”. It was directed by Tim Burton and Johnny Depp was cast as Ed Wood. This film could arguably be a tipping point for Ed in itself, as it really sells him by showing his interactions with Bela Lugosi and aspects of his personal life. It’s easy to see why he was treated with isolation within the artistic community at that time, being a cross dresser and having the issues he did, he was probably ousted constantly for something he couldn’t really control. What’s ironic is that in his history, his filmmaking and style of production also follow this, yet some people still regard his subjects and manner of filming as Taboo, or bad.

Now I’m not saying I’m gonna go break out all of my Ed Wood movies and claim that they are my favorite things on the planet. Because in fact, they are not. In my opinion a good movie is something you could fall in love with, something you wouldn’t mind seeing every night, something that gives you the chills, but also something simple. Though complex movies are interesting, a lot of the times I’m sitting in a modern movie theatre, I’m really just wondering, what the hell am I watching? In lamen’s, due to the excess of 3D technology, the stupidity of the American entertainment industry, and general lack of care put into production, most modern movies are useless heaps of horrible green screen acting and cheesy popcorn filler bullshit that usually makes me feel like someone’s trying to poke at the lack of privacy we have nowadays.

So where does Ed Wood stand at this side of things? Pretty fucking high when looking at him through the rose tinted disposable glasses of the modern age, it’s easy to see that he did a lot, said a lot, and his productions should continue to be seen. Without the work, he couldn’t of adequately defined himself, even if it was perceived as imperfect or “bad”. The end result is a Director just about everybody knows. It goes to say that Regardless of the opinions of work, one can define their work by just putting a sliver of themselves within it, and that realness shows more then the hours of time people spend putting masks over their films and concepts


– GH



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