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Wet Socks pt. 1 : Still Freezing Our Asses Off

Wet Socks pt. 1 : Still Freezing Our Asses Off

Hello folks of the internet. I’d like to say I’m Sorry for the Quiltablanca’s winter hiatus. Due to excessive drinking, coldness, On Fire, and mid-winter disco dancing, The Quiltablanca has fallen to the holiday wayside. We still exist however, and we want to bring some of the post-holiday spirit to you via podcast. Here is “Wet Socks Vol. 1: Still freezing our asses off” featuring the talents of The Orwells, The Pixies, Ratatat, The Symposium, ELO, and much more. Give it a good 30 minutes, you won’t regret it

1. “Hey”, The Pixies
2. “Animal”, Trails and Ways
3. “Shempi”, Ratatat
4. “In My Bed”, The Orwells
5. “Mr. E”, The SKetchtistics
6. “Killville”, Jon Waldschmidt
7. “21st Century Man”, Electric Light Orchestra
8. “Highway Lines”, Motorcycle Crash
9. “Nino”, The Symposium
10. “Air War”, Crystal Castles
11. “It Can’t Be Simple”, Secret Colours


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