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Gold Dagger


There once was a man

who walked from country to country,

and swam the seven seas.

He gathered the misfits from every land he approached

and told them,

“Serve me, and you can be free to use and enjoy the plunders

of this overtaking for five years. After that point,

you shall join me in the great journey”

From towns to cities, he began amassing an army of followers.

Brutal overtakings began occurring daily;


It was said, he once killed a king with only the lift of his left pinky

and the wink of his left eye.


It was said, he once hung a king by his crown.


It was said, he once crucified a king, just to see if it was possible.


One by one,

Kingdoms and leaders fell by his hand.

Once flourishing landscapes quickly turned to barren hells,

as his reign needed only hands to serve him.

In his words,

“If the farmers cease to farm for the people, so be it.

If the smiths cease to make weapons for the people, so be it.

I will provide for you, so you need not worry.”

Once the lands had no seen opposition,

he would throw the people out of their homes,

and if they did not fit his “requirements”,

they would also be sent to his foundry;

a giant smelter he made to liquidate the king’s gold and treasures he plundered,

and smith weapons for his planned “master” army.


One woman was sent because her hair was too long,


One man spoke too loud,


Another man’s nose was too big.


People who were sent to these foundries would lose their names

and people in society were not supposed to recognize when they “disappeared”,

or else they could be victim to the same fate as well.

His overtakings spread like a wildfire throughout the land.



no message would go past his say,

no art would make him a contradiction,

he wanted propaganda and power

and he wanted it to be of the highest form.

He decided his propaganda would begin with overthrowing religion.

In his mind

if he began with a king,

surely in time he could overtake a god.

After 5 years of planning,

he sought the employment of

the misfits that began his reign.

If they helped him take down a king,

a god should be no problem.

Many of the misfits did not support this new change,

some came,

some tried to leave.

The ones that tried to abandon his kingdom

were taken away with a black bag over their head.

They would then be taken to the smelter,

and thrown in the golden brew below.

The ones that joined him,

were brought to little numbered cells

where the only admittance of food or freedom

was when they wrote something of praise towards him or his reign.

He would walk by their cells early in the morning, brandishing a ruby dagger, composed of the afflicted friends and family, just to remind them, that they serve him and nothing else.

“I’m already a god”,

he’d say to himself and chuckle.


One day he was doing his daily runs,

and when he came by cell 4

he noticed that everything within the cell had been rearranged.

The bed switched from one side of the wall to the other,

the nightstand was on the right side of the room

and worse yet no one was seen within the cell.

He called the nearest guard

and proceeded to interrogate him about prisoner #4.

The guard said that he hadn’t seen prisoner #4,

but there had been rumors he just upped and vanished the night before,

along with reports of a loud “POOF”ing noise around 3 a.m. in the block.

He just would not believe this,

He asked the guard for his keys and proceeded inside the little cell himself.

The first thing he noticed, was that a little message was left lying on the bed.

He opened up the paper from a little folded hexagon shape,

inside it said,

“I won’t kill you with your family and friends, but your wealth itself”,

and with that the blade of a pure golden dagger slipped into his neck.

The guard stood behind him, waiting until his last gasps of life seeped from his poor body.

It was then that he said,


“Now you know what it really feels like to be a god”



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