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Katydid, pre-engineered by Jon Waldschmidt. Post tracking and mastering done at On Fire Production Studio by Grant Hehr. Advertisements

Back-alley Blues Music Video

Back-alley blues, produced by On Fire Production Studio. Music video directed and edited by Grant Hehr. Starring Leanna Strecker, Jon Waldschmidt, and Trevor Thompson. Special thanks to KCXW, Famskillet, Geraldo Rivierra, Capone, and Bachelor’s Grove Cemetery.


Jon Waldschmidt’s, “Killville”, recorded in 2009. Featuring Alex Rebek on vocals. Mastered in 2013 at On Fire by Grant Hehr

The Mead Fox

Jon Waldschmidt’s, “The Mead Fox”. Mastered at On Fire by Grant Hehr.

SSKGB @ On Fire/Gallery Of Carpet with guests

Rock em’ sock em’ audio ninjas

Gold Dagger

There once was a man who walked from country to country, and swam the seven seas. He gathered the misfits from every land he approached and told them, “Serve me, and you can be free to use and enjoy the plunders of this overtaking for five years. After that point, you shall join me in […]


Character still from The Sketchtistics, “Back-alley Blues”, music video release. Coming soon