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Oh Shit


Clinging to Cliches

Like it’s the only preserver to hold afloat.

How many people did you sink today?

Just to hold yourself above the water

and wake for another sunrise,

well you watch your own life set.

That’s why at the end of the day,

when everybody’s life is out of motion

you’d say its right to start commotion.

Because something keeps you up at night,

there are things below,

people you don’t necessarily know

that are keeping track of every blow;

every cost, every casualty.

They don’t weigh themselves by clichés,

They don’t plan to fall like a Zeppelin full of led.

No, they’ll hold themselves to your judgments

and set the bar even higher.

You better learn to fly, because with weight like that,

you’ll have to sink to swim.

I don’t care if I came up with a creative way to say “you”,

or if I hide my “I’s” and memories in a creative script or fictional story,

that just focuses too much on what my eyes see.

Look at the world from another set of experiences,

One that isn’t taught or wrote in a book.

Something you can feel,

Something that is real,

Not just fake clutter that’ll burn in the sun anyways.

Your art should be your blood, your essence,

When it crinkles in the sun’s ever expanding presence,

Make it something that will burn bright,

Lasting in the darkest of nights.

Like the way we turned the sun’s heat into nuclear energy,

Art’s radiance can have the same effect.

But tread lightly because

using art as a weapon

might be the sharpest of all tools;

When wielded by fools,

They end up falling by their own rule.



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