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The Symposium, Vol. 1

I first discovered The Symposium when I would hang out at my friend’s house, Pete Clancy. Every so often I’d sit in the living room, and Pete’s brother Sam would play piano. He wouldn’t announce what he was playing, and it could be at any time of day, but there was a consistency to the […]

Creep Fest 2013

1. Quarries I’ve lived by a quarry ever since I was young. This gigantic manmade hole is creepy to me for a very strange fear; a fear of vast amounts of empty space. Many-a-disturbed towns folk were known to jump into this quarry. There is an account of one individual who lit himself on fire […]

I Know You Hate Me Too, Part 2

Every morning felt earlier then the next. I found that after restless nights, it was getting easier to wake up alone. I’d think to myself, she’s just in the other room, its alright. The mind likes to play devious games, if there is one thing I’ve seen in action at every turn point in my […]

I Know You Hate Me Too, Part 1

I waited so long. Took a plane far away from home with no intention of looking back. I saw a future prospering in front of me, a million different realities all within reach. California can be a beautiful thought, but as I learned, it’s not a place where everybody finds himself or herself; it can […]

Waiting For The Light

In life you might do 5-10 important things if your lucky, hell maybe even 20. The feeling of completing an album of 13 tracks at a length of over 40 minutes is something you can’t put your finger on. From both being an artist and engineer, I’ve seen and manipulated this feeling to make auditory […]